New York!

NY embodies the energy and culture of the world. The little time I spent in this city certainly isn’t enough to capture it’s essence.

Upon stumbling upon a Airbnb in Roosevelt Island, we decided to stay there because we were not too sure if we ever were gonna explore the Island otherwise. But Roosevelt Island surprised us pleasantly. So close to Manhattan but such a different vibe. The Sakura trees which welcome you outside the subway station and the pleasant walking trails with amazing views of Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge are amazing.

Central Park! I think everyone knows central park, has heard of it or has seen it featured in the movies or in TV series. We were so looking forward to exploring central park and chilling under a tree with a book in hand. I think I can comfortably spend a day at central park and just chill.



Another place which left me speechless is the NY public library. It’s so beautiful and just sitting in the rose room and reading a book is zen. I wish we had this library back home. I would have been a regular at this beautiful place and would have just gotten lost in books.


Enjoy the rest of pictures. Some taken at MET, others were taken while we were walking around NY.




Finally the energy in the city. WOW. Guess I finally experienced why they say NY is the city that never sleeps.

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